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Pocomoke Middle, a multiple award winning school, is located in the southernmost town on Maryland's Eastern Shore in Worcester County. The school is unique in that it provides an elementary program for students in grades four and five, and a middle level program for students in grades six, seven, and eight.

The mission of the Pocomoke City Schools works hand-in-hand with Pocomoke Middle School's vision, which is rather pointedly stated as, "No Throw-away Kids!" The vision is fully realized through the dedication and commitment of the school community, who continue to regard the potential failure of any student as unacceptable.

The staff has used the kid friendly theme, "Respect + Responsibility + Safety = Pocomoke Pride!" on a daily basis to reinforce the academic and behavioral expectations for students. Our school motto is "Perseverance, Motivation, Succeed."

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2018 Communication Survey
It is almost time to give us your feedback on the 2018 Communication Survey! Beginning on April 16, 2018, parents/guardians and members of the community will be able to share with WCPS their feedback on how we communicate by filling out the SCoPE survey. Simply click on the image below to be re-directed to the Worcester County Public Schools website.

communication survey

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